"Father, Husband, Hot Air Balloon Pilot, and Attorney."

Doing other things so that family time can be quality time.


What is most important.

I am lucky to have a wonderful wife Monica, energetic daughter Marenna, and creative son Conor. We also have a 1-year-old golden retriever dog Dhyana. Monica and I made the decision from the beginning to create a work life to maximize time with our children. We make sure to do fun activities together every week. We homeschool both children – well mostly Monica does but I help. These relationships are most important.

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Hot Air Balloon Pilot


The whole experience is fun and exciting. Every flight has unknown flight paths, weather dependent calculations every few minutes, and interactions with persons in the community. Almost everyone stops to look and take pictures of the balloon to share with family and friends. Passengers and volunteers have fun with set up and take down. The lift off is exhilarating and the landing exciting with the possibility of grazing tree tops or bouncing along the ground.

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Honest and Aggressive. This is my motto when helping people as an attorney. I am known for doing everything with more detail toward accuracy, attention to details, and thoroughness in research and argument. I offer limited (you pay for as little or much help as you want) and full representation (handling all aspects) for family law, disability law, property law, and probate law (as well as other civil legal assistance based on case facts and my schedule).

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Caught Smoring!

Caught with smore evidence on the lips and in the hand!

Dhyana’s fun at the beach

Dhyana’s first trip to the ocean was fun for her, Marenna, Monica, and me (Conor...

Happy kids create happy father

As I get older it becomes easier and easier to find happiness through my kids. Their...

Zoo toys fun

Pictures are great to re-experience past feelings. The kids at the zoo was always fun...

Elephant Ears R GOOD

Going to a festival or fair has many attractions, but a favorite treat is eating part of...

Photo editing software fun

Having fun experiences with the kids is important, very important. In the moment it is...

Mesmerizing music and visuals

Video: Very nice; I was compelled to watch repeatedly.

Kids’ stop motion video

Video: kids’ initial attempt at stop motion video with dinosaurs.

Marenna “helps” Conor “meditate”

Video: funny kid made video “helping” brother “meditate”.

Dhyana’s first Christmas

First Christmas with new puppy Dhyana!