Zoo toys fun

Pictures are great to re-experience past feelings. The kids at the zoo was always fun because they were always happy. This picture is many years old, but still I can sense a feeling of lightness and joy just looking at it and faintly remembering that day. I was able to go this time with Monica, Conor, and Marenna to the Tacoma Zoo during the day when work was slower. Usually they went to the zoo by themselves or with friends. We walked the zoo but also stopped at their new kid play area - this picture is of that area with the zipline Conor is on and Marenna wants to be on. They liked to climb as kids often do. I think what I enjoyed most of the kids at that age was the complete unawareness of concerns outside of that exact moment. They were aware of their surroundings without criticism or distraction; they gave all their emotion and energy to what they were doing. I aspire to have moments with the attentiveness of my children at this age.

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  1. I like the picture, the frame, and the memories. I remember the fun times at the zoo, but not in full detail. It’s nice how the picture reminds me of at least some memories. I am glad that you could come to the zoo that day with us and all the other times.

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