Caught Smoring!

Conor never misses a chance for a funny moment. When in California for the hot air balloon commercial pilot training in 2011 we visited some friends and made smores. When the camera comes out the goofy comes out too! How many smores did you have? Whose smore was that one really supposed to go to? Good memories and funny picture to remember the fun family time.

2 Replies to “Caught Smoring!”

  1. The picture combined with the words make it so funny! Great photo editing, I like the frame like waviness around the outside.

    1. Thanks. I used the program Gimp and I can show you how to do this if you want. There are other programs for borders on your tablet and phone that are very easy also, then you can upload them to your website or social medial pages. Next is a funny picture of you!

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