Hot Air Balloon Pilot

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I enjoyed becoming a single-engine airplane pilot, but becoming a commercial hot air balloon pilot opens up more fun for my family and me. We started a company, purchased a balloon system, upgraded many parts and tools, and made the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We will travel around Washington State providing hot air balloon rides (soaring flights and tethered flights), advertising for companies on the side of the balloon envelope / basket / banners, and presentations to schools and community organizations. We will become closer as a family with even more shared experiences. The whole experience is fun and exciting.

Every flight has unknown flight paths, driving directions, weather observations / predictions, and a weather of interaction with persons in the community. Almost everyone stops to look at a hot air balloon and most take pictures to share of their friends and family. It is fun for passengers and volunteers to set up and take down the balloon system. The lift off is an exhilarating new experience; the landing is always full of excitement not knowing where we will land or whether we will grace the tops of trees or bounce along the ground.



Here are some pictures of some of the first flights in the hot air balloon in Bremerton, Sequim, and Winthrop. There are pictures of setting up the balloon system, flight, and packing up the balloon system. More pictures and information about tether flights (going up and down about 85 feet while tied to vehicles) and soaring flights (floating with the wind to unknown destinations) can be found at the SomethinGgreat Hot Air Balloon website.